Exercise For Beginners

Founded by chiropractor Jesse Cai and his ex-client Tee Yee Yang, our exercise programmes aims to make weight training accessible to every sedentary Singaporean. We work with our clients to create meaningful change through exercise.

Why Pom Pi Pi?

We started Pom Pi Pi because we noticed there was no exercise spaces for absolute beginners. Many gyms in Singapore have a “feel good” or “sweat it out” culture, and offer high intensity workouts. While these rah rah workouts are great aerobic training for seasoned athletes, they are not always suitable for beginners.

How are we different from other gyms?

Our gym is led by sports chiropractor Jesse Cai. Prior to moving to Singapore, Jesse worked with professional sports teams from state leagues to world championships. His unique expertise in both pain management and high performance sports allow us to create a programme that is truly optimised for beginners.

What do our classes teach?

We offer semi-private group classes that ensure that you will receive a personalised exercise experience. Beyond that, we also have external coaches who conduct technique classes for our members. If you prefer, one-on-one trainings can also be arranged!

How do I know your programme is suitable for me?

We leave nothing to guess work! We recommend all new members to sign up for starter pack. The starter pack includes a consultation to find out more about your background as well as your exercise goals. Our trainer will also conduct a state-of-art Kinvent biomechanical analysis to see how your body is performing. Body composition analysis will also be performed to make sure we have all the information to give you a truly bespoke training experience.