Functional Movement Therapy

A SUPERVISED exercise programme with one of our recovery trainers, you will get to work on your bodily awareness, motor control, movement patterns, strength and conditioning. If appropriate, lifting techniques from Powerlifting to Olympic Weightlifting will also be covered.


It comes as no surprise that exercise is one of the corner stones when it comes to successful long-term results.

Instead of taking a temporary quick-fix approach (e.g. correcting poor posture, out-of-alignment joints, tight muscles), we look at how we can work with the robustness of your body to achieve your desired goals.


You already know the benefits to exercising but you don’t know where to start! Our supervised programmes means you get to start exercising under the watchful eyes of our recovery trainers.

You can expect a nurturing coach who will help you transition from a sedentary to active lifestyle in a safe and meaningful way!


We guarantee you will leave with a body that’s stronger and fitter than when you first join us. Over 95% of our clients, even those above 65 years old, will leave being able to deadlift 40kg to 60kg!

Full Potential

We don’t keep our clients away from heavy weights or high intensity training. Instead, we work with the innate robustness and adaptability of your body to help you achieve your full potential.

Yes, it may be 10, 20, or even 50 years since you last exercise. That is not a problem for us. Our systematic, evidence-based approach is designed to help you unleash your inner athlete.

Whole-Person Approach

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Unleash Your Full Potential

Are you ready to take your first step towards a whole-person transformation?



60 mins



45 mins



45 mins

World Health Organisation recommends 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercises PLUS two days of strength training exercises per week. It is arguably unreasonable to expect good physical health (i.e., complete state of physical well-being) or no pain without first being physically active.

1. 6-month Self-Management Mentorship:
– Seven private sessions with our chiropractor (2 sessions for the first month and monthly follow up from the second month onwards)
– Optional: 18 group CrossFit technique classes at Pom Pi Pi CrossFit^
– $2400 for six months

2. 12-Week Functional Movement Therapy:
– Two private sessions with our chiropractor
– 22 private supervised exercise sessions with our recovery trainer
– $2700 for 12 weeks

3. Adhoc sessions with our recovery trainers are available between $87.50 to $120. Please enquire with our team.

*Initial Consultation: $315 (chiropractor) or $225 (recovery trainer) is charged separately.
^Group classes are held at Pom Pi Pi CrossFit. The purpose of these classes are to help our clients achieve good physical health to complement their recovery, and will be prescribed by our chiropractor on a case-by-case basis. Classes include exercise techniques instruction as well as group strength and conditioning classes.

Only FULLY vaccinated clients may attend classes at Pom Pi Pi CrossFit!

We will develop a personalised recovery plan according to your needs and preferences to help you achieve a full, functional, and happy life.


Frustrated by the lack of results-driven and ethical chiropractic clinics in Singapore, chiropractor Jesse Cai founded Square One Active Recovery to deliver sustainable, long-term pain solutions.

Not getting results from your chiropractor, TCM doctor or physiotherapist? Book an appointment to discover the difference the right care can make.

*We do not offer short-term pain solutions such as chiropractic adjustments, dry needling, or any form of soft tissue therapy.