Solution-Focused Coaching

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Solution-Focused Coaching is a collaborative and respectful approach to facilitating positive change.

With these coaching sessions you are expected to be able to:

• Set clearly defined desired goals
• Start taking outcomes-congruent small steps
• Identify helpful strengths and resources, and knowing how to leverage on them for an advantage
• Recognise existing solutions, and knowing how to apply them
• Create bigger change from smaller changes
• Develop your own personalised long-term solution
• Cultivate a sense of hope and safeness amidst uncertainty

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Coaching is different from therapy in the sense that you will not be told what to do.

Coaching is about working with your own motivation to facilitate change. You would not be told what you should be doing.

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Virtually everyone who lives in Singapore would be familiar with that regular exercise and good eating habits is the foundation of good health yet we remain to be one of the most sedentary population on Earth.

Thanks to the public health campaign, all tobacco users are now familiar with the risk of lung cancer associated with smoking.

We are very good at telling people the “right” thing to do. However, the “do these things” approach does not result in sustainable long-term change.

Take ownership of your desired change

When you don’t listen to professional advice, you automatically become a “non-compliant” client.

That is comparable to saying, “I have told you what to do and this is now your problem.”

Most experts take a none-of-my-business attitude when it comes to facilitating genuine change.

Being told and knowing what to do is NOT the same as knowing how to change. Research has shown that changing behaviour is NOT common sense.

Partnership & Engagement

This is not a expert-client relationship. Coaching is not about me telling you what to do.

Instead, we share the control and we co-construction solutions. We meet each other half-way to maximise your desired outcomes.


Unleash Your Full Potential

Are you ready to take your first step towards a whole-person transformation?


45 days


*Only the 90 days and 30 days programs come with between-sessions coaching via WhatsApp and/or email.
^I offer 50% off our 90 days program for selected cases. Please contact me for more information.


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