Ultimate Performance Coaching

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Chronic pain is not just a self-limiting experience.

Your career goals, personal relationships, or even self-fulfillment also suffers.

This is why I started Ultimate Performance Coaching.

We work with corporate executives and athletes to help them unleash their full potential.

While some pain patients seek treatments for only pain relief, many of you have bigger ambitions.

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Finding freedom from pain doesn’t reverse the time and opportunities you have lost.

Many chronic pain sufferers shortchange themselves with their own self-limiting beliefs.

With High Performance Coaching, I integrate the best coaching practices with cognitive and behaviourial change principles so you can start living to your fullest again.


Will being pain-free make you complete? No.

You are seeking pain treatment because your pain is holding you back from what is meaningful to you.

With performance coaching, I want to bring your goals back into focus. We will work towards what is meaningful for you so you can re-live your prime days.

It’s not just pain relief. It’s about being well and happy.

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Research shows that education alone is not enough change outcomes.

Knowing is not understanding. Knowing is not doing. Knowing is certainly not half the battle won!

Behaviour change is key. We work together to co-construct pain solutions to help you live the life worth living.


Being given right answers is simply not good enough to help you achieve mastery.

With knowledge-based exploration, we will explore working solutions and how they can be successfully implemented in your unique complex environment.

This is how you thrive.

(Don’t stop at mediocre quick fixes.)

Unleash Your Full Potential

Are you ready to take your first step towards a whole-person transformation?


180 days

A La Carte


60-75 mins


*Combination of 45-minute fortnightly sessions and 75-minute monthly sessions

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