Why working on a fixed project basis ultimately benefits you

The unique difference between us and other chiropractic clinics is that we work on a fixed programme basis. Every case we take on is a unique project that we work with over 12 weeks or 6 months.

Some pain patients think that it’s no difference from a chiropractic package. However, that is not true as our programmes are fixed in duration and we don’t offer renewal of the packages or maintenance care. Over the thousands of clients we have helped, only less than five cases have continued working with us after the end of their treatment programme.

What is Square One’s recovery programme about?


If you have been living with chronic pain for some time, you will innately know that pain, or the absence of pain itself, is not an indicator of how recovered you are. It’s common to hear people feeling better after seeing a chiropractor, but their symptoms will come back days or weeks after their chiropractic adjustments.

With that in mind, we know that you are not truly recovered in the days or weeks when you didn’t experience pain. Because if you did truly recover, your pain shouldn’t be recurring on a week to week basis.

It’s important that you understand this! When you have an appreciation of how absence of pain is not an indicator of recovery, you will realise most practitioner’s advice of “see how you feel” is utter rubbish!

At Square One Active Recovery, we offer two programmes. The most popular programme is our 12-week Functional Movement Therapy programme. It’s twice a week sessions with either our chiropractor or our recovery trainer. You get lots of supervision with your exercise, plus we take down lots of notes every session to track your progress. This allows us to take a predictive, test-retest approach to your recovery. The end result is a truly personalised pain treatment programme.

We also have a six-month mentorship programme. This is more for people who are very self-aware of their issues and need a little more help. The mentorship programme consist of seven sessions across six months with our chiropractor.

I am sorry but what you feel is totally irrelevant!

To be clear, we are not discounting your pain experience. I appreciate that your pain is convenient. Your pain can affect your quality of life and work productivity. This is all very well-documented in research. I am by no means trying to belittle your pain.

The argument I am asserting is that your pain is not an indicator of your recovery. So, it doesn’t matter if you feel better or worse after a treatment!

With this in mind, it’s not reasonable to expect pain patients to be able to drive their own recovery! You have no expertise in knowing how recovered you are, and therefore do not know when you need to be coming back for your pain treatment.

Working on a project basis eliminate this uncertainty, we tell you what you should be doing for your recovery. And we also tell you when you should be coming in for your follow-up sessions.

We may be the only clinic that do predictive modelling!

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We dont have a trial treatment because majority of our clients feel worse at the start This is part of our test retest approach We tell everyone to expect their symptom to worsen from working with us The upside to this initial suffering is that you will have a shot at freedom from pain This means no more endless treatments This means you are entirely in control of your physical health How is this not worth your time and money

If you ask any of our clients, our test-retest approach is interesting because we use a predictive model in our programming. For every session, we have an objective that we want to achieve. We also make hypotheses (or really assumptions) about your case, and we test our hypotheses to see if we were right or wrong.

Most clinic do a retrospective approach. You feel worse today, what happened over the last week or the last two weeks. This is generally acceptable but inferior to a prospective approach.

So, because we are always trying to “make sense” of your condition by predicting what will happen in the future, you get way better long-term results from working with us.

Sure, we acknowledge that a hypotheses-testing approach takes more time. We also accept that you will feel worse at the start while we are trying to make sense of your pain. These temporary challenges (or suffering) that lasts for a couple of weeks is only a fraction of the years or decades of your pain experience!

If you ask me, it’s damn worth the initial discomfort.

With a fixed programme, there is no incentive for us to be anything but truthful to you

Once you signed up for our recovery programme, we advocate for your recovery. There is no incentive for us to delay care, because we do not allow our clients to continue working with us at the end of the programme.

If we charge on a session to session basis, we need to balance your level of satisfaction to what you need for recovery. We cannot afford to tell you the hard truths because that may drive you away. That may discourage you so you don’t come back. On a fixed programme basis, we don’t have this problem.

You can check out our Google reviews, we get five stars from ALL our clients. And any reviews that are less than five stars are from people who have never worked with us before.

The reason is simple. Our priority is not how happy you are. Our priority is how recovered you are.




Frustrated by the lack of results-driven and ethical chiropractic clinics in Singapore, Chiropractor Jesse Cai found Square One Active Recovery to deliver meaningful and sustainable pain solutions.

Our goal? To make our own services redundant to you.

*We do not offer temporary pain relief such as chiropractic adjustments, dry needling, or any form of soft tissue therapy.