Sometimes all you need is to get started. And CrossFit is a good start.

We chose to open a CrossFit box in the middle of the pandemic because we saw an opportunity. Neither of our cofounders are CrossFit athletes but that didn’t stop us for doing what was best for our community.

What is CrossFit?

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CrossFit is an inclusive sport that is suitable for people across all age groups and fitness levels! While it may seem intimidating, there are always options for regression.

CrossFit is constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement training. That’s it! Sure, for some people that involves throwing very heavy weights around. But it doesn’t have to be the case.

One of the key attraction to CrossFit, in our opinion, is that it’s scalable and the workouts can be regressed to suit people of ALL fitness levels.

With that in mind, it totally makes sense for a chiropractic clinic to start a CrossFit space.

Yes, we acknowledge that not everyone can lift heavy weights. We don’t contest that. What we do promote, however, is that everyone regardless of their fitness level can start somewhere. For us, this is important.

You may be living with chronic pain or injury. We get that. What we want to do at Square One Active Recovery is to get you moving in a safe, meaningful, and healthy way in spite of your injury.

This means helping you pick up good health habits such as exercise. And CrossFit is a great place to start.

But CrossFit is dangerous!

crossfit dangerous, functional training singapore
CrossFit doesn’t have to be dangerous! With the right coaches and support, CrossFit can be safe for you.

To some extent, you are right.

Dominski and friends (2021) sampled 10,967 athletes and found that risk of injuries can be as high as 60%! However, some studies have also reported risk of injuries to be as low as 2.4%.

Why? The quality of training.

We don’t deny that there is a rise in “feel good” type workouts where gyms create an environment that makes it easier for their members to push harder.

We kinda like the idea of motivating people to exercise harder. It doesn’t make sense if we start to see more people and more people getting injured! Just last month, Straits Times reported that sports injuries as a result of high intensity workouts are on the rise in Singapore.

Both at home and around the world, we see that exercise can indeed lead to more injuries. This is why it’s super important to choose a functional training gym that priorities your safety.

What is unique about Pom Pi Pi CrossFit?

Our intent is really, really our USP (unique selling point)!

Most CrossFit boxes are founded because of the founders’ passion for the sport, and their passion to push the human body to its full capacity.

We do respect and applaud that. At Pom Pi Pi CrossFit, however, we see things differently. Our founders’ passion is to use exercise to help people achieving what is meaningful to them.

In that sense, we are not CrossFit purist. We totally subscribe to CrossFit’s model of constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement training. But only within the context of what is important to you.

If you are here to lose weight, we want to support you.

If you are here to clear mind so you can focus better at work, we want to support you.

If you are here to use exercise as a strategy to improve your anxiety or mental well-being, we also want to support you.

What we don’t subscribe to at Pom Pi Pi CrossFit is to push you beyond where you are willing to go. Just because you can physically do more.

Okay, so what now?

If you have no known pain or injury, and you are looking to exercise more, Pom Pi Pi CrossFit is the place to kickstart your weightlifting journey!

If you do have pain and injury, and you want to starting lifting weights, it’ll be a good idea to book in for a consultation with our chiropractor first. Our recovery programmes include technique classes at Pom Pi Pi CrossFit. This means not only will you get to work on your pain and injury, we will also help you with return to sports.

We don’t see health and sickness as dichotomies where you are pain versus pain-free, injury versus injury-free. We believe in that regardless of how much pain or how injured you are, we can always start somewhere to help you journey towards your recovery goals.

At Pom Pi Pi CrossFit, we firmly believe that health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of diseases. 



Frustrated by the lack of results-driven and ethical chiropractic clinics in Singapore, Chiropractor Jesse Cai found Square One Active Recovery to deliver meaningful and sustainable pain solutions.

Our goal? To make our own services redundant to you.

*We do not offer temporary pain relief such as chiropractic adjustments, dry needling, or any form of soft tissue therapy.