6 reasons why you should add kettlebell exercises to your new home gym

Having a few basic key gym equipment at home can be key to getting into a consistent workout routine. From dumbbells to a full olympic lifting setup, the options available to you can be a little overwhelming.

Kettlebells are one out of countless gym equipment that provides both versatility and convenience. Tons of exercises can be done to achieve different goals with just one kettlebell!

Here are some reasons why kettlebells are such a good investment, and why you should include them in your gym setup.


Kettlebells are extremely versatile, for anyone and everyone!

A lot of times people think that it takes a few different types of equipment to make an effective workout. Yes, having many equipment does give you a suave-looking gym. However, it is not completely necessary.

Whether ballistics or grinds training for the novice or advanced, just a single kettlebell can get the job done! Kettlebells are a powerful tool for cardiovascular fitness, endurance, strength, flexibility and mobility. There are just countless variations and combinations of movements kettlebells can provide.

Kettlebells are also relatively safer to use, compared to traditional heavy weights like barbells. With the appropriate weight, technique, and proper instructions from certified trainers, kettlebells can be a low-risk, high reward investment!

Improves core strength and stability BIG TIME

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The good thing about the kettlebell is that it allows you to train in many different positions and movements This means your <a href=httpschiropractor singaporecomsgresourceswhy my back pain isnt going away even though i always use my core>core<a> WILL always get a good workout

Many kettlebell movements are ballistic. This means they emphasise maximum acceleration and minimum deceleration. You can think of it as fast push, and a slow return to start position.

Powerful, explosive movements are excellent abdominal stimulators. Your trunk has to work hard to keep you stable when carrying out a high speed movement.

That’s not it! You’ll still have to control the deceleration phase — guaranteed to give you a good burn, while still keeping your breathing calm and composed.

Perhaps you have back pain and you aren’t quite sure if it’s good for you. Our resident chiropractor will tell you that, when done correct, kettlebell swings are a great workout for your spine!

Unlike many other equipment, the weight of kettlebells is not evenly distributed. This is because of its unique shape. For this reason, you can change your workout by just adjusting how you hold it.

Kettlebell work often involves many multiplanar and unilateral movements. Your core will be working SUPER hard at all times to support these varied movements.

Super convenient, as its compact & portable!

singapore property price
Yes space is expensive in Singapore But that doesnt mean you cant get a kettlebell that you can easily store away when not in used

When we think of investing in a piece of gym equipment, the biggest concern at the top of our heads would often be the space. This comes as no surprise given the price of housing in Singapore.

According to a DBS report, families have to pay 15 times of their annual earnings to buy a property. The highest it has been for 20 years! Assuming you are renting a four-bedroom HDB for $2,000 per month, you would be paying $130 per month on rent for that space!

Of course we should care about space!

The good news is that kettlebells do not take up much space! Given it’s small size, it’s easy to stash away under the bed or an underused corner.

Kettlebells are also portable. This means you can bring it out to the park or to a friend’s place to get a workout done if you wish. Afterall, one kettlebell is all you need to get a killer workout session in.

Functional! Kettlebell imitates objects in everyday life!

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Yes you can clean and jerk with a Dettol But a kettlebell is designed so you can get more value out of your workouts

Having a strong functional body is important for everyday life activities. Functional strength can be improved through kettlebell training, in different planes of motion. Kettlebell unilateral exercises allows you to feel and identify for muscle or strength imbalances in our body.

Unlike kettlebells, gym machines do not activate much of your stabiliser muscles. This is because movements occur in a fixed path with machines. While they do look and feel safe, it does not replicate movement experiences in real life!

Kettlebells require core engagement to control the movement path. This will activate the stabiliser muscles in all ranges. Having strong stabiliser muscles is important to keep your joints healthy!

Did you know that kettlebells can mimic common objects in your daily life, due to its imbalanced and unevenly distributed weight?

What’s a kettlebell?

A grocery shopping bag, a bucket of water, a bottle of detergent… the list goes on!

Training with kettlebells increases body awareness

Developing your sense of movement is extremely important. Being able to tell where you are in space will help to reduce injury risk. It also carries over to our everyday life when we carry out chores or even just walking.

Remember the friend who sprain their back getting out of a taxi? Or opening a wine bottle?

It sounds ridiculous but this does happen to people in their daily lives. This is not because of they cannot get out of a taxi or can’t open a wine bottle. It’s likely because of movement errors!

Many kettlebell movements are very dynamic in nature, thus stimulating mind-muscle connection as it moves across different planes of movement. This will work your body’s coordination, balance and core engagement, which helps your body to enhance proprioception.

Is it worth it to invest in a kettlebell?

We’ve already shown you how versatile and effective kettlebells can be. Investing in a kettlebell of good quality will leave you with an incredible tool that can help you keep healthy and fit, and will hold up for a really long time.

We’ve also shown you how kettlebells can be easily kept and transported wherever. Whether you’re looking to shred, bulk up or just improve your mobility in general, there are countless exercises you can do with a kettlebell. This investment can provide you

So, are you convinced?


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