Should I ever go to a chiropractor for my body pain?

Are you thinking of seeing a chiropractor in Singapore? Deciding whether to seek treatment from a depends on your individual circumstances and preferences. Today, we will discuss the factors to consider as you contemplate visiting a chiropractor.

1. What type of chiropractors do you want to work with?

Chiropractors specialise in diagnosing and treating conditions related to the musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine. It is common for people to seek chiropractic treatment for conditions such as back pain as well as neck aches and soreness. You may be surprise but chiropractors are also trained to treat other muscle and joints conditions from rotator cuff tendinopathy to ACL tears. Through treatment with your chiropractor, you can expect improvements in your pain, mobility, and overall well-being.

Be Wary of Quack Chiropractors!

jesse cai, chiropractic adjustment
Singapore host and actor Paul Foster receiving a neck adjustment. While spinal adjustments can feel ridiculously satisfying, the results are often temporary. This is why they are no longer recommended as first-line treatment for back pain or neck pain.

Be wary of false evidence-based chiropractors. In Singapore, many chiropractors claim to adopt an evidence-based approach. However, most of these chiropractors do not practise according to latest clinical guidelines recommendations. In fact, many local chiropractors based their treatments on “evidence” from low quality research and predatory journals. In doing so, they contribute to the spread of junk science.

Quack chiropractors also tend to appeal to tradition. For example, they emphasise the healing of diseases through manual adjustments done by their hands. DD Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, is often credited with the first chiropractic adjustment, which was performed on a patient with hearing loss. However, it is important to note that the claim that DD Palmer cured hearing loss is not supported by scientific evidence.

Similarly, may conditions that quack chiropractors claim to help with are based on dubious research.

Evidence-based Chiropractic

chiropractic clinic, exercise therapy
Exercise studio of BJ Palmer who is one of the founding fathers of chiropractic. You can see the wide variety of exercise equipment used to treat chronic pain. Unlike what traditional chiropractors want you to believe, exercise is part of chiropractic.

Evidence-based chiropractic care is an approach that integrates the best available scientific evidence with the clinical expertise of chiropractors and the individual preferences of patients. It emphasises the use of research findings and scientific knowledge to guide treatment decisions and ensure the most effective and safe care. In doing so, evidence-based chiropractors deliver the best outcomes for their clients.

Evidence-based chiropractors in Singapore typically take a patient-centered approach, meaning they consider each individual’s unique needs, preferences, and goals when developing a treatment plan. They may use a combination of active pain management techniques that empower clients to take charge of their own recovery. This often include exercise and lifestyle modification.

In our commitment to stay abreast of the latest research, our chiropractor Jesse Cai shares the latest journal studies in our Facebook group. Most of these studies shared are often published within the same month.

2. What is the nature of your condition?

Chiropractors primarily focus on diagnosing and treating muscle and joint conditions, particularly those affecting the spine and nervous system. Some of the conditions we can help with at Square One Active Recovery are:

  • Back pain such as lower back pain, upper back pain, slipped disc and sciatica.
  • Neck pain caused by muscle strain, weak neck and shoulder muscles, or injuries like whiplash.
  • Joint pain and stiffness in areas like the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles.
  • Sports injuries including tendonitis, rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder, various types of impingement, ACL tears, meniscus injuries, patellofemoral pain syndrome, ankle instability from recurrent sprains.
  • Muscle strains, ligament sprains, and other soft tissue injuries.

If you have any of the above conditions, you are a suitable candidate for chiropractic care. Drop our team a message to learn more about how we can help you find freedom from pain.

Preventive Medicine

Did you know you don’t have to be injured before you can seek help from a chiropractor? Chiropractors can play a role in preventing future injuries and pain by optimising your physical health. They assess and address your body’s function to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal problems and injuries.

As chiropractors, we can provide guidance on injury prevention strategies, proper body mechanics, and exercises to strengthen muscles and stabilise joints. We also offer recommendations for healthy lifestyle habits and may provide regular maintenance care to support overall well-being.

Chiropractors Cannot Treat Everything!

Chiropractors are not trained to diagnose or treat systemic illnesses, infectious diseases, or internal organ dysfunction. Examples include infertility, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases, neurological disorders, mental health conditions, routine prenatal care, or manage gynecological conditions. If you have any of these conditions, please see a medical doctor or ask your chiropractor for a referral to a more appropriate specialist.

3. What is your preferred recovery?

square one active recovery, long-term results
Unlike traditional chiropractors, we focus on long-term results at Square One Active Recovery. Our emphasis on helping you help yourself find freedom from pain means you don’t have to come back to see us for life!

Are you looking for long-term results or a temporary quick fix?

Most people do find massage and chiropractic adjustments useful for reducing their pain. However, their pain always comes back. The reason this happens is because soft tissue therapy and spinal adjustments are passive treatments.

Passive treatments refer to therapeutic interventions that are performed on an individual by a healthcare provider without active participation from the patient. These treatments typically involve the application of external forces or modalities to the patient’s body and are aimed at providing relief, promoting healing, or managing symptoms.

If you want long-term results, you will need to consider taking an active recovery approach. This will include exercise, dietary changes, and lifestyle modification. Most musculoskeletal problems are the result of being too sedentary, over-exercising, or exercising wrongly. They can be considered lifestyle diseases.

As such, behaviour change and lifestyle change will lead to the best outcomes for you.

If you prefer non-invasive, drug-free approaches to healthcare that focus on ownself help ownself, then Square One Active Recover may be the right fit for you. Scheduling a consultation with our chiropractor Jesse to kickstart your journey towards freedom to pain.

Finding the best chiropractor in Singapore

jesse cai, chiropractor singaporeRemember that chiropractic care doesn’t replace medical care in all circumstances. If you’re experiencing severe or worsening symptoms or require immediate medical attention, it’s advisable to seek prompt care from a qualified healthcare professional.

Before visiting a chiropractor, conduct research to learn about their qualifications, experience, and reputation. Additionally, openly communicate your health concerns, medical history, and any questions or apprehensions you may have with your chiropractor.

Discover the path to freedom from pain with Square One Active Recovery! We’re here to help you reclaim your life. Leave us a message below and unlock the possibilities of a pain-free future. Our dedicated team will reach out to you soon to discuss how our expert care can make a difference. Don’t let pain hold you back any longer—take the first step towards a brighter, pain-free tomorrow with Square One Active Recovery!


Frustrated by the lack of results-driven and ethical chiropractic clinics in Singapore, Chiropractor Jesse Cai found Square One Active Recovery to deliver meaningful and sustainable pain solutions.

Our goal? To make our own services redundant to you.

*We do not offer temporary pain relief such as chiropractic adjustments, dry needling, or any form of soft tissue therapy.