Pom Pi Pi CrossFit: Where are we six days and 110 bookings later

Starting a CrossFit box in the midst of the pandemic is no easy feat. The ever-changing restrictions and the logistics challenges were difficult. We have equipment that was meant to arrive in August that is still not here. We have workers that would repeatedly cancel on us because of the COVID-associated labour crunch. To make things worse, people thought Pom Pi Pi — given its unconventional name — was a joke when we first announced our prelaunch!

Despite the trials and tribulations, we are super thankful and delighted to have your support and to have journeyed this far with you.

plyobox, crossfit singaporeOver the next few weeks, we are expecting more squat racks, barbells, bumper plates to arrive. The pull up bars and showers are up! And the rest of the mats should be installed by next week. We will also be adding wooden platforms so you can work on lifts directly on the crash pads without having to worry about the vibrations from the weight.

crossfit foundation, squat thrusters We are super stoked to have a lot of beginners to CrossFit join us this week. To facilitate your learning, and also to reduce risk of overtraining, we have prioritised foundation classes over WOD next week. We have also taken your feedback onboard and will be scaling down the intensity of the WOD workouts to suit beginners plus add more late evening and weekend classes.

If you know someone who has been looking to get started with lifting but struggle to find a space that prioritise beginners, you know where to send them!

crossfit, kipping pull up singaporeThe prelaunch is our attempt at trying to maximise the use of our space. In doing so, we hope to introduce more people to CrossFit and to build a community whilst doing that. Most of you have given us positive and constructive feedback and we do really appreciate that.

To continue to support us, here is how you can contribute:

  • Refer a friend to us! While we have ended free trial sign ups, 7-day trials are kept SUPER affordable at $9.
  • Leave us a Google review —
  • Build our community by joining our Telegram and continue to engage with fellow members at —
  • Help us install our mats and paint the walls on Saturday, 6 Nov (yes, we lost our workers again)
  • Give us feedback so we can continue to better ourselves

Do continue to keep booking in for classes! If your pass is expiring, do drop us a message on tele or IG (@pompipicrossfit) so we can sort something out for you!

Thank you.


Pom Pi Pi is founded on helping everyday Singaporeans achieve their peak physical performance. We believe meaningful change is not about how fast, how high, or how strong. It’s about being consistent.