Old is not always better: Why chiropractic is changing

As an evidence-based chiropractor in Singapore, we use the latest research data and clinical guidelines to guide our treatment methods. Virtually all research point to that exercise, education, and advice to remain active as the best treatment for all musculoskeletal conditions.

Despite the robustness of evidence reporting that exercise is superior to all treatment modalities, there is still a lot of a resistance from both chiropractors and pain patients alike.


Perhaps it doesn’t make sense to you. Perhaps it challenges your biases.

In fact, we repeatedly receive bad reviews for not offering chiropractic adjustments or not being a true chiropractic service from the public (i.e., not our clients).

The question we want to pose to you is this. Is getting long-term results better or is acting on your unfounded beliefs better?

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Exercise PLUS education is the first-line treatment for virtually all chronic pain and injury!

In our opinion, you have full choice of what you do or do not do. And we make decisions based on a huge myriad of factors.

We are not saying that you shouldn’t go for spinal manipulation.

We are saying that research, even those done by chiropractors, are saying that spinal adjustments are no better than placebo.

We are saying that there is empirical data to show that you will get better results from exercise than from being cracked three times a week.

We are saying that it’s obvious adjustments don’t work. Because if it does, you wouldn’t have to buy a maintenance package and come back for the rest of your life!

But exercise is not chiropractic.

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If exercise is not part of chiropractic, then why do we see so many exercise equipments in one of the earliest chiropractic clinics in the world?!

We have discussed this so many times. Exercise is chiropractic. It’s been part of chiropractic since its founding days.

Yes, exercise is a lot more mainstream. There’s no novelty effect. Everyone can exercise. But few can crack each others’ bones.

So, we get that you may focus on chiropractic = adjustments because adjustments seems to be the differentiating factor. However, this is not true.

Because, again, exercise has been part of chiropractic treatments since its founding days. In fact, the early proponents of chiropractic has openly published that there are situations where adjustments is not good enough for patients, and that they will need exercise to improve their condition!

But chiropractors in Singapore don’t use exercise!

Yes, and no.

First, we do use exercise and we are super vocal about it.

Second, since we started writing about the benefits of exercise, and how exercise can help you achieve long-term results, our competitors have started including exercise as part of their therapy.

So, perhaps majority of chiropractors in Singapore do not offer exercise. But that doesn’t mean exercise is not part of chiropractic.

chiropractor singapore, goblet squatPalmer College of Chiropractic, aka the first chiropractic school in the world founded by the father of chiropractic himself, have also embraced exercise.

In a paper published by them in Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, they explored the therapeutic effects of the goblet squat.

In their findings, they found the goblet squat to be a “sufficient rehab tool” and that it helps build “stronger, more mentally, and physically robust patients.”

There are a lot of narratives and broscience in the recovery space. What is important is coming back to what the hard data actually says. All of us have our own beliefs and biases, this is completely normal. What is important, however, is what we choose to do when science conflicts with them.

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*We do not offer temporary pain relief such as chiropractic adjustments, dry needling, or any form of soft tissue therapy.