Make Chiropractic Essential Again | Why chiropractic is not essential

Chiropractic is considered a non-essential service for the circuit breaker period.

Since the extension of the circuit breaker, the Ministry of Health has allowed allied health providers such as physiotherapists and podiatrists to start seeing patients (for a day a week).

However, chiropractors are NOT considered allied health providers in Singapore. Therefore, chiropractic clinics remained closed.

Update: allied health professionals are allowed to open for three days a week now while chiropractors are still considered non-essential services.

Chiropractic adjustments can strength the immune system against the virus

Some chiropractors in Singapore suggested in their website that chiropractic adjustments can boost immunity. In doing so, adjustments “strengthen our immune systems against the virus”.

Let’s get straight to the point. This is fake news! Below is a screenshot from Singapore Pain Solutions.

singapore pain solutions, chiropractic adjustments, coronavirus

Singapore Pain Solutions is not the only clinic making the claim

total health chiropractic, spinal adjustments, covid-19

Tim Errington from Total Health Chiropractic is making a similar claim. While he didn’t specifically suggest that adjustments can help strengthen our immunity against the coronavirus, the relationship they are trying to establish is clear.

Chiropractors around the world are also spreading fake news!

fake news, chiropractors, immunity

Yep, there seems to be a pattern between chiropractors and fake news.

So if you are wondering why chiropractors are considered non-essential health services, this is may be why.

Chiropractic organisations around the world DO NOT subscribe to such claims

It’s quite disappointing what some chiropractors – both Singapore and around the world – are doing in this challenging period.

The World Federation of Chiropractic dismissed such claims as being dangerous to public health:

“There is no credible scientific evidence that chiropractic spinal adjustment/manipulation confers or boosts immunity. Chiropractors should refrain from any communication that suggests spinal adjustment/manipulation may protect patients from contracting COVID-19 or will enhance their recovery. Doing otherwise is potentially dangerous to public health.”

General Chiropractic Council (UK) likewise has publicly a statement to assert there’s no CREDIBLE research to support that chiropractic adjustments can help against the coronavirus. They are also threatening regulatory action against members who make false claims.

The College of Chiropractors of Ontario has since sent 74 cease and desist letters to members who have made false claims. ALL of the false claims have since been removed from the chiropractors’ websites and social media accounts.

The false claim situation is so much of a problem for public health that more than 150 chiropractic researchers from 11 countries have jointly published a statement against the pseudoscientific that “chiropractic care boosts immunity”.

The Chiropractor Association (Singapore) vs. The Alliance Of Chiropractic (Singapore)?

Interesting enough, both chiropractic organisations did not address publicly address the false claim issue. Chiropractors Jenny Li, Jeff Ederer, and Adam Baker from Singapore Pain Solutions are all members of the TSA while chiropractor Tim Errington is a member of the alliance (AOC).

It is unfortunate that chiropractors in Singapore are making unsubstantial claims and getting away with it.

It is also unfortunate that both chiropractic associations we have in our city-state have neither taken a position on the matter nor taken no action against such content.

Make chiropractic essential again

The Alliance Of Chiropractic (Singapore) is currently running a campaign to “request that the Singapore government act as soon as possible in following in the footsteps of other countries around the globe, and designate chiropractic as an essential business in Singapore.”

At Square One Active Recovery, we request that chiropractic organisations take disciplinary against members making unsubstantiated claims. This would be in following of what organisations in countries where chiropractic is considered essential are doing.