First Chiropractic Visit

You are wondering what a chiropractic visit is like. We walk you through the difference between a good and bad first chiropractic visit

You’ve been thinking of seeking chiropractic care. Some of your friends recommend it and others tell you it’s the worst decision you can make for your overall health. Choose chiropractic first, let us help you find freedom from pain.

Traditional chiropractors in Singapore


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Entrepreneur Clare Yau working with Singapore Chiropractor for her knee pain

There are plenty of Singapore chiropractors who offer discount for their first session as trial. We highly recommend that you stay away from them for three reasons:

  • They use cheap fees as a bait to draw you in – quite often, you would be asked to go for x-ray and they will sell you a big package that can cost over thousands of dollars
  • They usually only offer chiropractic adjustment as their only treatment, which usually lasts at best only 10 minutes.
  • You usually have to go for a lot of treatments i.e. 3x/week for a month

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If you decide to go ahead with them, your first chiropractic visit to them will vaguely look like this:

  1. Filling up an intake form, usually about four to six pages
  2. Speak to a chiropractor who will then go through a presentation of what chiropractic is about and how it can help
  3. Receive a chiropractic adjustment from the chiropractor
  4. Speak to a sales consultation about your recovery – they’ll usually sell you an x-ray or package at this stage

I know because I worked part time for one of these natural healing chiropractic clinics before. I lasted a whole two weeks before having to quit.

Your first visit with them will take between 45 minutes to two hours. You will spend 30 minutes on average with a chiropractor. The rest of the time will be spent with a sales consultant. Most of these consultant hard sell x-rays and chiropractic treatment packages.

While their services may seem cheap ($80 per visit if you get a 80-session package), you only get to spend 5 to 10 minutes with the chiropractor. They’ll likely require you to come thrice a week for at least a month. If you do the calculation, it is very expensive.

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Choose chiropractic first: Evidence-based chiropractors in Singapore

The good news is not all chiropractors are like that.

Your first chiropractic visit at Square One will look like this:

  1. Filling up of our intake form – ten pages
  2. Speak to Jesse about your case e.g. your pain experience, your goals and expectations, what you want to achieve with us
  3. Receive a movement and exercise assessment
  4. Discuss with Jesse the difficulties and challenges, or symptoms, you face with each movement/exercise
  5. Receive a exercise prescription that is customised to what you can and cannot do, at your current health status
  6. An estimated duration you will take to achieve full recovery and what we expect you to achieve over the next week

You’ll spend an hour with Jesse. None of the time is spent at hard selling you our services. In fact, we usually let clients decide when to make their next appointment themselves. We do however provide a guide to when is the best time to come in text.

Why is Square One different?


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Lawyer Joshua Woo going through an exercise with Singapore chiropractor Jesse Cai for shoulder pain

Square One is the first exercise based chiropractic clinic in Singapore. We use exercise as a treatment to help you find freedom from pain. We work closely with other health care professionals, including medical doctors, to help you recover.

Most people know exercise is good for many health conditions, but do you know exercise is also the top choice treatment for musculoskeletal conditions from neck aches, to lower back pain, to ankle sprains?

Most chiropractors in Singapore only offer chiropractic adjustments to correct spinal misalignment in your nervous system. While effective for short term results, spinal adjustments do not is not your long term pain solution. Jesse, our doctor of chiropractic, takes a more holistic approach to your pain. We look at your individual pain experience and work with the robustness of your body to give you long term pain relief.

Our goal at Square One is to help you achieve pain-free living. As such, we don’t focus on spinal adjustment, range of motion, or even muscle strength. We focus on what you want to achieve as a person.

Doesn’t matter if you are suffering from a sports injury or shoulder pain or back pain, you are in good hands at Square One. Find freedom from pain with 100% natural healing. Choose chiropractic first – no pain killers and no surgery required.

Are you ready to visit us? Square One is a two-minute walk from Outram Park MRT (purple line, Dorsett Hotel exit). If you are coming from Tanjong Pagar, our chiropractic clinic is five minutes away from 100 AM Mall along Tras Street. Be sure to take the scenic route via Duxton Plain Park.

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