Evidence-based practice is what we expect but is not mainstream practice

The best chiropractic care you can receive is one that is evidence-based. Evidence-based practice is really about offering treatments that are supported by research.

It is obvious that treatments supported by research are better. However, what is offered in both private practice and even hospitals is often not congruent with best clinical practice.

You cannot trust everything you see online. Even if it seems credible.

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From a pain sufferer’s point of view, seeking treatments for your condition do come with its challenges.

You need information about your pain and Doctor Google is your best source of information. You are familiar with fake news so you visit hospitals and government websites to learn more about your condition.

Here is the ugly truth: 57% of government agencies, hospitals, universities, professional associations, health care organisations presented INACCURATE information on their websites!

When it comes to radicular lower back pain (i.e., back pain with numbness or tingling down the legs), only 16% of websites provided correct information.

This is why we always make it a point to link our writings directly to a research study.

Private health is not always better than public health.

private health insurance comparison chartIn Singapore, private hospitals are considered better than public hospitals. However, what is perceived as good may not actually be evidence-based.

A study conducted in a private hospital in Melbourne found that significantly more patients are sent for imaging (e.g., x-ray, MRIs) and hospital admissions compared to public hospitals.

While it may seem that they are being more thorough, this is not within best clinical practice. The Lancet, JAMA, American Chiropractic Association, and many other clinical guidelines have made it super clear that imaging should not be performed in the absence of red flag.

Virtually all clinical guidelines would also agree that advice to stay active is one of the best first-line treatment for patients with back pain!

Why does this happen?

While we take evidence-based practice for granted, it is something that is not very easily implemented.

For example, it takes 17-years for health research to translate into clinical practice. This is not specific to chiropractic but the bigger healthcare landscape. The study was published in Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine!

Evidence-based practice comes with its challenges because it means practitioners will have to take time outside of patient time to keep up with research.

Clinicians will also need to have the relevant skills to critique research papers to determine what can be implemented in clinical practice.

What should I do about my pain?

There are only a handful of clinics in Singapore which are aligned to the latest clinical guideline recommendations. If you are looking for an evidence-based chiropractor, your best bet is to work with us.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the 200+ pages of content we have on our website. We even share the latest research on a daily basis in our Facebook group.

This is how we hold ourselves accountable to our clients.

If you are suffering from chronic pain and just simply aren’t getting any results, book in an appointment with us to discover the difference the right care can make.


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