Evidence-based chiropractic, while unpopular, is a thing

Super surprised to read this morning that British Columbia chiropractors are spilt over if x-ray usage should be limited.

The good news is that 54% voted that diagnostic x-rays should be limited and claims that are not supported by scientific evidence should be banned. Hopefully in more years to come, we will see an increase in evidence-based chiropractors in Singapore.

upper cervical chiropractor, neck x-ray

The criticism against the use of chiropractic x-rays is really not new. American Chiropractic Association in their Choose Wisely campaign exerts that routine x-ray should not be used in the absence of red flags.

This is congruent with recommendations from other health organisations such as the American College of Emergency Physicians, the North American Spine Society, the American College of Physicians, The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, Chiropractic Australia, and the list goes on.

Despite these recommendations, it is not uncommon for local chiropractors to require patients to have x-rays before they can commence treatment. This is most unfortunate and hopefully change will soon come to our sunny island.

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