Personal Trainer and Nutritionist Shares About Her Stress Eating Experience

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Caitlin’s background in nutrition, personal training, and psychology puts her in a unique position to help women with emotional eating breakthrough.

Doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose weight or to live a healthy lifestyle. Eating well is important.

In fact, nutrition services is big in Singapore. Gyms, such as Ultimate Performance, include weekly meal plans for their clients and UFIT even has multiple trainers with a degree in food and nutrition to make sure their clients’ needs are met.

Earlier this week, I had the good fortune of speaking with nutritionist and personal trainer Caitlin Hosking. Caitlin studied nutrition science and psychology, and is now working with women to overcome emotional eating.

In her conversation with me, she discussed how writing meal plans to facilitate weight loss is not good enough.

Healthy eating habits is a behaviour change that way deeper. She talked about the importance of being aware and being mindful of our own inner thoughts. She also discussed how our mindset has a huge part to play in her work.

Nutrition and health really does go hand-in-hand.

We forget that eating has a social and psychological element as well. There are many health issues beyond food intake that may influence our eating behaviour.

If you find yourself in need of help a dietitian or a nutritionist, please do reach out via the form below. I’ll be happy to discuss the options available for you in Singapore.

0:50 – “Eating food for me was incredibly painful. And I hated my body.”

7:00 – How are social media narratives changing women’s eating habits?

9:50 – Do women need to understand what is the reason for their emotional eating? Is there a series of actions they can take to work themselves out of it (without understanding why it happened in the first place)?

15:05 – Understanding body checkers vs. body avoiders

18:24 – If a cheerleader is not comfortable with seeing their pictures online, what are some strategies they can use to overcome that?

20:36 – Most people are overwhelmed by the amount of information there is online and they don’t know where to start. What is the best tiny first step some one can take to break out of their emotional eating space?


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