Public Service Announcement: Chiropractic adjustments DO NOT reduce your COVID-19 risk

Let’s just be absolutely clear here: chiropractic adjustments DO NOT help with your risk of getting COVID-19.

There’s NO reasonable research to support that chiropractic adjustments boost your immunity. Okay?

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There are chiropractors making claims on social media that adjustments can help boost your immunity. Here is what the the latest research says:

“Although it has been demonstrated that spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) provides short-term benefits across different spinal musculoskeletal disorders, the available evidence supporting the capacity of SMT to trigger a significant immune-endocrine response is mixed and its clinical relevance remains to be established”

Meaning … yes, you may see some sort of activation of the immune-endocrine system.

No, it is not established that the activation is enough to “boost” your immune function, okay?

If you have a sore neck or back pain, by all means go for a chiropractic adjustments. While the results may be short-lived, at least you do experience an improvement in your symptoms.

Choose wisely. Choose an evidence-based chiropractor!