Join SQUARE Protocol Recovery Programme

Initial Consultation/Session

A taster of what working with us would be like. We will go through your case history, what you want to achieve by working with us, and how we can support you through this process. All we ask for is an open-mind and willingness to explore working solutions with us!

*We do not offer short-term pain solutions such as chiropractic adjustments, dry needling, or any form of dependency-based care.
#Payment must be paid in full before a booking is confirmed.
^If you are unsure if what we do is suitable for you, please do chat with us before making a booking.

Level Up Recovery Mentorship

We work with you at your own pace to help you help yourself find true freedom from pain/injury (or achieve peak physical well-being):
2x session with Jesse (exercise and/or coaching) as clinically indicated
– $650/month for the first month, $350/month from second month onwards (recurring billing at the end of every month)
– 6 months commitment

12-Week Supervised Exercise Programme

If you are not comfortable with exercising on your own or simply prefer to work with someone through your recovery, consider joining our supervised exercise programme:
2x sessionw ith Jesse (exercise and/or coaching) as clinically indicated
– 22 supervised exercise sessions with our exercise coach
– $2,400