I started this blog to offer evidence-based chiropractic content so people could make informed-decisions about their pain treatment.

It has since grown to include other topics, in over 200 posts, to provide a true biopsychosocial, whole-person approach to helping you find freedom from pain.

I’ll like to thank the support of my readers — all 10,000 of you — who have helped this site grow to become the most read chiropractic/physiotherapy blog in Singapore.

To facilitate your reading experience, I am compiling an essential reading list. If you prefer, you can scroll down to access the blog in reverse chronological order (newest entries first).

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Shoulder Pain: Five Reasons Why Your Shoulders Might Be Hurting

You have probably experienced shoulder pain at some point in your life. For most of us, the pain was short-lived and resolved by itself without complications. Not all of us are this lucky though. You might be living with chronic shoulder pain for a while now. Today, we give you five reasons why your shoulder hurts (based on the latest research as we know it).


Knee Pain: Is ACL Injury All In the Knees?

When we think of anterior cruciate ligament injuries we think of contact sports right? We imagine some one playing netball or rugby running into each other and *bam* this person has now torn their ACL. Is this really the case though?


Help! My Knees Crack and Grind – Can You Fix It?

We know noisy knees are worrying. You hear the creaks and cracks when you squat and run. Maybe even when you walk – upslope or not. Your knees also hurt. You are worried your knee pain is the beginning of your worst nightmare and you don’t know what to do.


Does Manual Therapy Work? From a Chiropractor’s Perspective

We love manual therapy in Singapore! After all, we DO feel a lot better right after a massage. But does it work? That is the question.


Understanding Chiropractic: How many sessions should I have with a chiropractor

With chiropractic adjustments being all the rage in Singapore, it is no surprise you want to know how often should you get adjusted. The problem is that Singapore chiropractors are telling patients they need to 40 or 80-session packages. But is this true? In this article we discuss: What exactly does a chiropractor do? Do [...]

Five Things To Consider Before Making A Booking With Us: From a Singapore Chiropractor’s Perspective

We are probably the only chiropractic clinic in Singapore who blogs regularly. And regularly blogs about why you shouldn’t be booking in with us. Yes, this means less money for us. But we still do it because our priority is having a relationship with you.


Four Reasons We Might NOT Be Singapore’s Best Chiropractor

We think Square One Chiropractic is the best chiropractor in Singapore. But that doesn’t mean we will suit you.


Why #OnlyResultsMatter To Us | Chiropractor Singapore

Square One’s commitment to delivering results is clear. We are the only chiropractic, perhaps also physiotherapy and osteopathic, clinic in Singapore to offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t get better.


Massage VS. Chiropractic – Finding Your Personalised Pain Fix in Singapore

Let’s put this straight – going to an evidence-based chiropractor is likely a better option than getting a massage for your pain. Evidence based chiropractors in Singapore are musculoskeletal experts. We are trained to make a diagnosis based on a thorough history and assessment. This allows us to develop a treatment plan that is personalised to your complaint, and allows for more effective and long-term pain relief.


Four Things Your Singapore Chiropractor Doesn’t Want You To Know

We know finding the right chiropractor in Singapore can be frustrating. We blogged about cheap chiropractors previously and today we are going to focus on the clinical aspects of what to look for in a good chiropractor! We hope this helps.

Pom Pi Pi

Who is Pom Pi Pi Fitness?

Thinking of joining a gym? Read this first. We are spoiled for options when it comes to choosing a fitness studio in Singapore. We want to give you a quick breakdown of what we are about, and help you choose the right gym. We don't believe in good vibes only. A lot of gyms in [...]