I started this blog to offer evidence-based chiropractic content so people could make informed-decisions about their pain treatment.

It has since grown to include other topics, in over 200 posts, to provide a true biopsychosocial, whole-person approach to helping you find freedom from pain.

I’ll like to thank the support of my readers — all 10,000 of you — who have helped this site grow to become the most read chiropractic/physiotherapy blog in Singapore.

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We can’t tell your future, but we can make educated predictions

Most pain sufferers want concrete answers in their recovery. Is this going to make my pain go away 100%? Unfortunately, as a chiropractor, I don't have the definite answer to that. We can make predictions about what is most likely to happen but we can't say for sure what exactly will happen. This uncertainty is [...]

Your recovery is always not what you expect

Because we don't follow a cookie cutter approach at Square One Active Recovery, what we do with each client is often unique and outside of the client's expectation. We always emphasised that if you want really good results, you must engage in radical change. This is where the unexpectedness lies. Having a working mental approach [...]

Why working on a fixed project basis ultimately benefits you

The unique difference between us and other chiropractic clinics is that we work on a fixed programme basis. Every case we take on is a unique project that we work with over 12 weeks or 6 months. Some pain patients think that it's no difference from a chiropractic package. However, that is not true as [...]
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Understanding Mindfulness For Chronic Pain: A Neuroscience Perspective

If you are hard-science person considering mindfulness practice as a pain management strategy, this is for you. With research around neuroscience behind chronic pain and mindfulness practice, I hope to answer to questions from an evidence-based perspective. What is chronic pain? What is mindfulness? How to manage pain? How does pain make people change their [...]

Neck Pain Treatment in Singapore

Neck pain is one of the most frustrating conditions to live with. This is many people seek help from chiropractors in Singapore. While it may be a scary experience, you don't have to worry just yet! Most neck aches and stiffness are very treatable, and can be addressed with an evidence-based recovery. For those of [...]
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Understanding Change: The Hard Recovery vs The Easy Recovery

When it comes to living with chronic pain, most patients are aware that something must change for them to get better. Most people with back pain or neck pain start with changing their posture. When the self-directed intervention doesn't work, they seek the help of professionals such as chiropractors or maybe massage therapists for some [...]
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Understanding Placebo: Does knee surgery work?

When patients feel better after a treatment, they naturally think it's because the treatment they received is working. They are en route to recovery. This is simply not true. We could argue all day about this but I am not going to. The research on this is clear -- feeling better (i.e. less pain, improve [...]
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Understanding your beliefs about your body and pain

I promise you some one who thinks of their body as robust and resilient is going to behave entirely differently from some one who thinks of their body as weak and fragile. Similarly, some one who thinks that they cannot overcome their current challenge, is less likely to succeed compared to some one who believe [...]
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Understanding Compassion: How to harness into your full potential

To a large extend, chronic pain patients seek help not because they have pain but because they are suffering. And we have a lot of people living in pain in Singapore. According to the GSK 2017, four in ten people in Singapore experience body pain every week. So, today we are going to talk about how [...]

How To Cure Back Pain? Salonpas vs. Tiger Balm vs. Growth Mindset

If you are experiencing constant back ache and not ready to seek professional help, this article is for you. There are tons of content online to help people relieve back pain. My job here is to help you make sense of those content. It's not so much what to do but how to do it. [...]

Muscle relaxants don’t work. What will it take to change pain management?

If you Google "muscle relaxant", one of the articles that pop up is about lower back pain treatment. According National Heart Centre, muscle relaxants can help with reducing muscle spasm and stiffness. Do they help though? Do muscle relaxers help back pain? Muscle relaxants were identified as an emerging trend and forecasted to be a [...]

Medications for Low Back Pain: Paracetamol, NSAIDs, Muscle Relaxants and Opioids

If you're experiencing low back pain, you're not alone. This common condition can cause discomfort, limit your mobility, and impact your overall quality of life. Medication can be a convenient pain relief treatment for low back pain symptoms. However, it's important to consider all available options.   Chiropractors are known for their spinal adjustments. However, [...]